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White Shag Area Rug – Your property and your style are unique. There are many possible themes by which to decorate your home but which themes you choose and how you decide to express them are a couple of individual choice. Shag rugs are a versatile article right for use in many different decors. You needn’t go all out in seventies’ style to utilize shag rugs in your interior design plans. These rugs are entirely compatible with almost any contemporary interior layout.

While most people think about gaudy blends of avocado green, orange, rust, yellow, dingy white and other such clashing colors inexplicably blended together into a furry mess when they think of shag rugs, it is more appropriate, when considering shaggy rugs as a part of your own contemporary living room d├ęcor as only one textured version of other similar rugs. A solid color shag area rug is really no different in its suitability as part of a contemporary living room or bedroom rug than is a rug of any other type of weave.

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The difference will merely be one of style, choosing a looser, shaggy pile as opposed to the tight pile of many wall to wall carpets or the tight weave and absence of pile found in many other contemporary rugs. The looser pile of the shag rug provides an uneven an inconsistent textured appearance that many find quite attractive. Soft underfoot and somewhat unusual in their look and feel, these rugs have retained their popularity over the past forty years even though many other accoutrements of seventies’ interior design (like bright yellow stoves) have thankfully passed out of use. This post related white shag area rug, white shag rug, white shag rug ikea.

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